Zytech Product Testing & Certification

Zytech Engineering requires that all of our products be third-party tested to ensure compliance with the most recent editions of military, commercial and industrial performance based test standards and protocols. Prior to being offered for sale to the general public, Zytech performs a multitude of developmental and research and development tests to verify that the construction materials and final product assemblies comply with applicable test standard requirements. Zytech regularly assesses the latest U.S. and International product testing standards in a continuing effort to provide quality security products that meet today’s ever changing threat types and threat scenarios…..

Most importantly, Zytech Engineering offers protection and security products that you can count on… products that offer maximum performance and versatility!

Zytech products are currently being developed to meet SPECIFIC threat types and levels of intensity…Safe-Rooms, Guard Booths, Protective Enclosures and Modified Sea Containers are able to be manufactured with one or all of the following protection features and resistance:

  • Ballistic Protection: Handguns, Rifles and Fragmentation
  • Fire Resistance & Smoke Protection
  • Explosive Blast Resistance
  • Forced-Entry (Aggrevated Physical Attack) & Burglar Resistance
  • Chemical & Biological Agent Protection & Filtration

We encourage you to review specific product information contained in the products section of this website to review specific product performance characteristics and testing certifications. As additional products become available, Zytech will automatically update the testing standards library contained in this section to assist you with evaluating the demonstrated performance of Zytech products.

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