Diplomat Series
34" X 46" X 82"

Zytech Engineering designs and manufactures secure rooms typically referred to as “panic-rooms” or “safe-rooms”. Intended to provide protection for both people and valuables, Zytech Safe-Rooms are designed and tested to provide maximum protection from the following:

  • Aggrevated Assault, Home Intrusion & Forced-Entry Attack
  • Chemical and Biological Attack
  • Handgun & Rifle Assault
  • Fire & Smoke
  • Explosive Detonations & Blast
  • Tornados & Hurricanes

What is a Safe-Room?…

A typical “Safe-Room” is a room that is intended to protect people and/or property. Until the introduction of the Zytech Safe-Room, a “saferoom” was just a concrete or steel room intended to resist low level forced-entry or attack by unsophisticated burglars and home intruders. Many of these so called “safe-rooms” use simple construction methods and structurally deficient fiberglass boards to build a room that has not been tested as a finished assembly to recognized industrial testing standards. Material tests that certify that the material has been tested for satisfactory ballistic resistance is simply not enough. Door seams, window casings and wall seams common in all safe-rooms must be tested and evaluated to eliminate “weak-points” that are susceptible to ballistic attack, forced-entry attack and chemical/gas penetration.

Portable NBC Protection System
Air Inlet Unit
NBC-Filtration Unit
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Zytech Safe-Rooms are unique in that each safe-room assembly design has been tested as a completed unit to demonstrate performance compliance with recognized U.S. Department of State, Underwriters Laboratories and other relevant performance based testing protocols.

Zytech has engineered our Safe-Room products to resist specific threat types and physical attack intensity levels based on the level of protection required or anticipated by our clients… The result is a protection room product specifically designed and tested to resist not only forced-entry and physical attack threats, but chemical and biological agents, fire, smoke, explosive blast and ballistic attack. Available with pre-installed support equipment, each Zytech Safe-Room product is delivered ready for immediate use. Zytech Safe-Rooms come pre-assembled or can be shipped to a specific locations and field-assembled using everyday basic hand and power tools.

Unlike other manufacturers who may claim they have products that provide protection from the above listed threat types, Zytech Safe-Rooms and equipment have been third-party tested to recognized performance based test standards including…

  • H.P. White Laboratory
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL-752
  • U.S. Department of State Standard SD-STD 01.01
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) F-5
  • ASTM F1233

Warning: Products offered by other manufacturers that do not represent or warrant that both materials and end-products have been independently tested by a recognized third-party testing organization to verify compliance with performance based test standards should be considered suspect !!

Zytech engineers have extensive experience in the design of safe-rooms and have constructed defensive rooms for U.S. foreign diplomats, heads of state, foreign dignitaries and celebrities. This long standing security experience and expertise has resulted in Zytech’s ability to offer AFFORDABLE “safe-rooms” and personal security products previously only available to the “rich and famous”…..

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Zytech Engineering “safe-room” technology is both flexible and adaptable

Zytech Engineering has certified safe-room designs that allow for multiple use applications and maximum flexibility with respect to exterior room dimensions, interior room layout, and optional accessories and support equipment.

All Zytech Safe-Rooms can be ordered with a variety of equipment and options including…

  • Nuclear , Biological & Chemical Attack Filtration Units
  • Automatic/Manual Fire Suppression Systems
  • Cell/Satellite Phone Systems
  • Emergency Oxygen Kits
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Folding Personnel Seats
  • Ballistic/Forced Entry/Fire-Proof Windows
  • Emergency Rations
  • Defensive Gun Ports
  • Video Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Emergency Power Generation

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ZYTECH ENGINEERING helps to make it a little SAFER!

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